Simpson owes state $1.5 million

From the Associated Press

The state of California has a tax bill it would like to discuss with O.J. Simpson.

The Franchise Tax Board said Monday that the former football star owes the state $1.5 million in back state income taxes.

Simpson made the state’s list of 250 top tax debtors for the second year in a row.


The board is required to post a list of the top income tax and corporate tax scofflaws each year on its website after notifying them that their names will appear if they do not agree to pay their back taxes in full or in installments.

Tax liabilities that are under appeal, involved in litigation, in bankruptcy proceedings or under consideration for a settlement are not included on the list.

Simpson ranks 15th on the list this year. He was 33rd in 2007, the first year the board posted the names.

The companies and individuals on the list owe the state more than $123 million, according to the tax board.

Yale Galanter, a Florida-based attorney for Simpson, said he had not been notified of the debt.

“It’s a pretty well-known fact I am his lawyer,” Galanter said. “Nobody has ever contacted me from the state of California. We’ve never even gotten a letter.”

He said Simpson hasn’t worked in California for 12 years and owns no property or assets in the state.

“He is and has been a legal resident of Florida,” Galanter said. “What he could possibly owe the state of California $1.5 million for is just beyond me.”

A spokesman for the board, John Barrett, said he could not discuss details of the Simpson case except to say the state has filed eight tax liens against Simpson dating to 1996.

“You can tell his attorney to call the numbers listed on the press release, and we will gladly discuss how to remove his client’s name from the top 250 list,” Barrett said.

In 1995, the year before the California tax liens started, a Los Angeles County jury acquitted Simpson of murder charges in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

In 1997, a civil jury found him liable in their deaths and awarded their families $33.5 million.

In February, a state appeals court approved the renewal of that award, which has now grown to about $40 million with interest.

Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman’s father, filed for a renewal because Simpson has refused to pay.