Clinton still wins Clark County, but Obama gains a bit in do-over

From the Associated Press

Barack Obama picked up new support Saturday in Clark County Democrats’ second attempt to divvy up delegates between the party’s feuding presidential hopefuls.

The Illinois senator won 46% of Clark County’s state convention delegates in the Saturday vote.

Rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York won 54%, according to results released by the Nevada Democratic Party.

That’s a gain of 2 percentage points for Obama over the results from January precinct caucuses.


In the January contests, Clinton won Clark County with 55% of the delegates to Obama’s 44%.

Both campaigns have been working for weeks to retain, if not improve on, those numbers.

Nevada will send 25 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Denver.

If both candidates retain their January support, Obama will receive 13 of those delegates, Clinton 12.


But that outcome is not certain, since delegates in Nevada can switch allegiances at each stage of the process.

Obama picked up some new support at other county conventions held statewide in February.

It was not yet clear whether his gains would win him an additional delegate in Denver.

Clark County Democrats’ first convention ended in disaster after an unexpectedly big turnout overwhelmed organizers.


The Democratic National Committee ordered the county party to try again or face penalties.

Saturday’s do-over convention looked more like a typical election.

A preregistered group of about 7,000 delegates voted for a slate to move on to the state convention in Reno next month.