Tips for parents of job seekers

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

How involved should a parent be when it comes to a child’s job hunt? John Salveson of executive search firm Salveson Stetson Group said offering advice and guidance is the most important tool a working parent can offer.

“Finding a first job has become much more difficult than when many of us embarked on our careers,” Salveson said.

The company offers these tips to parents of job seekers:

* Recognize that you are your children’s greatest resource. Coach them on how to make the most of networking and how to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Consider role-playing and mock interviews to help them prepare for job interviews.


* Connect them with a mentor. To avoid being an overbearing parent, get them in contact with business friends and colleagues who can be advisors with an outside perspective.

* Keep in mind that your children’s career paths may look markedly different from yours. They are likely to hold more jobs of shorter duration as they find what occupation fits them comfortably.