Negligence is criminal

Re “A real heat shield for farmworkers,” Opinion, Aug. 2

In what other industry but agriculture are workers in the 21st century still battling for a drink of water? Those growers who don’t provide water to their farmworkers are criminally negligent and should be considered in the same class as slumlords and sweatshop owners. This is a side of the immigration issue that doesn’t seem to concern anti-immigrant forces, which might consider how Americans treat some of those who do make it into our country.

Richard Baker

Beverly Hills


I really liked this article. I support legislation that helps farmworkers live and work without fear or abuse of any kind. However, it was disappointing to read a put-down of Proposition 2, the initiative that will give certain confined animals just enough room to turn around, lie down and stretch their limbs.

The plight of these farm animals and farmworkers is very similar -- they are controlled by big bosses and big companies that care only about profit and never about the lives of those who help them get those profits. Cesar Chavez, an ethical vegetarian for the last 25 years of his life, supported animal welfare and was strongly against factory farming and its practices.

Michael I. Marsh and Dorothy A. Johnson end their Op-Ed article with: “The workers who provide us with our daily meals deserve better.” The animals who give their lives for our daily meals deserve better too!

Patty Shenker


Pacific Palisades