Portable alcohol shot down

Alcohol manufacturers have arrogantly embraced a severe lapse of social ethics with their new “shots in a pack” alcoholic drinks. (“Critics take shots at alcohol pouches,” Aug. 12).

Just as tobacco companies claimed for decades their products were not harmful, these distillers are just as despicable. Despite their rhetoric that they are “filling a niche,” they are also making alcoholic beverages easier to conceal, allowing them into places they should not be -- like schools.

In addition to cheating businesses by allowing customers to smuggle them into a bar, they are encouraging people to embody unethical practices. Then there is the nonbiodegradable plastic package waste that we can anticipate further littering our landscapes.

Mike Rosen


Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.


The people marketing this product know exactly what they are doing. I am 22 and got pretty excited about this stuff because it would be a lot cheaper to take these along than pay for a $7 beer at the baseball game.

It’s much more exciting when you are underage and have the ability not only to get a rush from drinking but to beat the system at the same time.


The “cool” misspelling of the product [STR8UP] should be a huge giveaway that this is targeted toward underage drinkers.

Meghan Kane

Minneapolis, Minn.