Furcal would be part-timer

Times Staff Writer

PHILADELPHIA -- With Rafael Furcal’s rehabilitation from back surgery exceeding the estimated recovery period, the Dodgers have abandoned hope of getting their shortstop back on a full-time basis this season.

The Dodgers might not get Furcal back at all, but the best-case scenario, according to Manager Joe Torre, is for Furcal to regain enough strength to share playing time with Nomar Garciaparra.

Furcal underwent back surgery eight weeks ago and said afterward that doctors told him to expect a recovery period of six to eight weeks. He is running, throwing and hitting off a tee, Torre said, but is unlikely to progress quickly enough for a rehabilitation assignment before minor league seasons end, generally on Labor Day.

Furcal has not played since May 5.


“If we do get him back -- and that’s certainly possible -- we might get him back on a part-time basis,” Torre said. “It would be tough to get him back and expect him to play every game.”

Proving his Werth

Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth has more home runs this season than Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier, in fewer at-bats.

In 2004, Werth hit 16 home runs in 89 games for the Dodgers. In 2005, he was hit by a pitch in spring training, and he sat out much of that season and all of the next one. He said Dodgers doctors misdiagnosed his wrist injury and said he did not get the proper diagnosis -- and thus the proper treatment -- until he went to the Mayo Clinic, on his own.

He signed with Philadelphia last year, hitting .329 after the All-Star break to claim a spot on the Phillies’ depth chart and reclaim his identity as a major leaguer.

Werth said he considered suing the Dodgers, then signed with the Phillies and decided to concentrate on the field, not the court.

“I wanted to play baseball,” Werth said. “I didn’t want to be a pity case and say, ‘Pay me.’ ”

Daily Manny update


Torre said he had received a text message from Derek Jeter, asking if he had “started growing dreadlocks yet” a la Manny Ramirez.

“They’re just coming in,” Torre deadpanned.

The Phillies inquired about Ramirez before the Boston Red Sox traded him to the Dodgers, leading several Philadelphia reporters to ask Ramirez whether he had thought about playing here.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” Ramirez said. Then he walked away.


Cooperstown Express

With Greg Maddux pitching for the first time since the Dodgers acquired him this week, and with Ramirez and Jeff Kent in the lineup, the Dodgers said they had three future Hall of Famers representing them in one game for the first time since Sept. 3, 1958.

That game was noteworthy for that trio, according to retro- Duke Snider started in center field and hit a home run. Sandy Koufax entered the game in the third inning, as the Dodgers’ third pitcher, and worked seven innings for the victory.

And Don Drysdale appeared as a pinch-hitter, struck out looking and was ejected.


Drysdale, a Hall of Fame pitcher, hit seven home runs that year and 29 in his career.

Injury updates

Torre said reliever Cory Wade would pitch one minor league rehabilitation inning Monday and would be activated Wednesday. He also said the Dodgers hoped to get injured pitchers Scott Proctor and Jason Schmidt some minor league work next week.