Something fishy about these Games

There’s only one way to describe the Olympic performance of Michael Phelps: He swam like a man with a porpoise.

Herb Stark

Massapequa, N.Y.

I was wondering if the producers at NBC thought that Michael Phelps won the 400 medley relay all by himself.


It was quite a shame that during the national anthem they did not once show the faces of Aaron Peirsol, Jason Lezak and Brendan Hansen, who were equally responsible for winning him that eighth gold.

Tim Cromwell

Costa Mesa

Not sure why The Times still has the Philip Hersh contrarian opinion (“Michael Phelps is not the greatest Olympic athlete in history”) up on its most viewed pieces. Granted, it’s a piece all right.


Rod Wade

San Diego

Do you remember the fictional Mr. Phelps from the television series “Mission Impossible”? Now we have a real Mr. Phelps performing his real-life mission impossible by winning eight gold medals in Beijing. Anyone know where to find a big “mission accomplished” banner?

Alan Guttman


Los Angeles

I would like to know who on the U.S. Olympic Committee decided not to invite Mark Spitz to offer commentary on the swimming events in Beijing.

Shame on the USOC for this blatant disregard for the man who really made it possible for Phelps to win his eighth.

Bud King


Los Angeles

If NBC must show as many commercials as they do to pay for the coverage of the Olympics, then maybe it’s time we reevaluate the amount of money that is charged for that right.

Brian Haueter



Bill Plaschke got it wrong on Becky Hammon. Freedom in this country gives him the right to his opinion. Hammon has every right to play for a Russian team during the season. However, when the Olympics come around, or some other similar contest, she belongs on her country’s side.

If you follow his logic, if the Russian army paid her more, she could fight against us. He’s dead wrong here. And the American squad should have told her that to her face, instead of avoiding it. Welcome to his opinion, it’s the USA and he’s got the right to be wrong, which he is.

Earle W Blackwell



Lisa Leslie doesn’t acknowledge Becky Hammon because she “is Russian”? Now there is a good reflection of the Olympic spirit. Besides, it is not 1980 anymore.

Dan Vandermeulen


Usain Bolt should be a natural as an NFL receiver. Aside from breakneck speed, he definitely has the preening part down pat in case he ever reaches the end zone.


Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

It was so very painful for Lolo Jones and her family and fans when she hit the hurdle while leading the women’s 100-meter hurdles. The irony is that had she not faltered, America might have seen her celebrate, but we would never have been treated to the depth of character and genuine decency that she displayed in the face of her personal agony. Ms. Jones is a very special young woman; that’s far more important than any medal.

Kip Dellinger


West Los Angeles

They may call it boxing, but it bears little resemblance to that sport as I know it. The boxers seem to be fixated on not getting scored upon, so their behavior seems overly clumsy and defensive, with peek-a-boo and wrestling holds taking up most of the action. Even when a boxer takes a chance and throws a good punch that lands cleanly, it isn’t registered as a score most of the time.

I don’t really care whether it’s incompetence, or worse, on the part of the judges, all I care about is that it is tedious and frustrating to watch. I won’t be watching any more Olympic boxing this year and can only hope that, if they don’t change the nature of this competition, it is dropped from the Olympics.

Richard Miller


Los Angeles

Kobe Bryant is revered in China? Good, let him stay there after the Olympics to continue the love-fest. After the lack of both effort and class witnessed in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, we will all be much better off without him.

David Hatcher



Let’s see. The once-dominant boxing program features boxers who can’t make weight, are too sick or are openly rebellious. The once-powerful track squad features relay teams that can’t make simple handoffs.

What’s Coach K doing in 2012?

Hugh K. Malay