Another letdown for Clintonites

A lot of California’s Democrats thought their time had come to help determine the party’s nominee after Hillary Rodham Clinton’s overwhelming win in the state.

They’re still disappointed that didn’t happen. But, hey, at least their favorite former first lady was going to speak to them Monday morning.

Alas, the New York senator didn’t bother to show up, for some unexplained reason.

They felt kind of snubbed. Bad enough. But then they got another less sympathetic speaker. A Californian, no less: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


The San Francisco Democrat told the Californians how enthusiastically she was supporting Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. And then, in the interests of promoting the party’s fragile political unity at the moment, she told the California Clinton supporters to “get over it.”

Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn said that she realized Obama would work hard for the causes she believes in and that she was ready to work for the freshman senator’s election.

But, she added, getting over Clinton’s loss would not be easy.

“It’s a heartbreaker for a lot of us,” she said. “We thought it was our time.”


-- John Mitchell