Dumplings from China sicken 175

From Bloomberg News

China-made dumplings allegedly containing pesticides have sickened 175 in Japan, the latest blow to China's reputation for producing consumer goods.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura confirmed the information Thursday. Kyodo News earlier said the figure had risen to almost 500, citing its own calculation.

Phone calls to the Chinese company alleged to have caused the crisis, Tianyang Food, a unit of Hebei Food Import & Export Group, were not answered.

Japanese companies have recalled the products from the maker of the dumplings, known as gyoza in Japan.

The recall is the latest involving a Chinese food maker, after the country's reputation for food-processing and manufacturing was damaged last year by scandals involving poisoned seafood and lead-painted toys.

China's food safety inspectors said in a statement it was investigating the case.

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