Taking issue with Dubai

Dubai, like the rest of the United Arab Emirates, is blatantly anti-Semitic ["Is Dubai for Real?" Jan. 27]. Yet here you are encouraging people to travel there. Shame on you.

Robert Ostrove


Editor's note: The United Arab Emirates has historically participated in the Arab League boycott, which bars Israeli products and citizens.

Here's what's wrong with your article on Dubai: No Jews need apply. Your average Leon Klinghoffer kind of Jew -- no way would he be partying in Dubai.

Marsha Roseman

Van Nuys

Much of Dubai's recent "development" is not a sign of success nor worthy of celebration. It is often exaggerated, grossly extravagant and has no real long-term benefits. Unemployment, poverty and illiteracy are widespread. Dubai is an unabashed model of consumerism and unrestrained capitalism run amok. It also has well-defined hierarchies of power, race and class. Hidden behind the glitz and glitter that they helped create, non-Arab laborers from Southeast Asia and other regions are exploited, discriminated against and abused on a daily basis. For Arabs, the Dubai model provides us with many reasons to be ashamed and embarrassed.

Raid Khoury

Long Beach

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