There are few upsides to breaking a limb, but one is that nothing prompts free sympathy rounds at the bar more than a cherry-red foot cast and a sad pair of crutches. That, and the greatly increased possibility that some hot young thing will sidle up and compliment your resilience. But after watching some poor hobbling sap get ridiculed in the York in Highland Park on a recent Friday, the Enabler made a solemn vow to never mix drinking and action sports ever again.

Several years ago, the York was called the Wild Hare and owned by a former Red Lion waitress who knew a thing or two about rough edges. When she sold the place to the current owners, they transformed it into what amounts to the gastropub outpost of Deloitte and Touche: a haven for young executives evading their baby-lusting wives in adjacent Eagle Rock.

But when the aforementioned sap had some trouble hobbling his way to the bar for a much-deserved whiskey, the crowd of aspirant hedge-fund stars merely snickered and stirred their martinis. Exposed brick and tasty bar nuts are one thing, but if we're going to get heckled on York Boulevard, it'd better have something to do with our exquisite features and not our temporary limp.

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