Sister act

Kurt Streeter’s July 4 piece on the career trajectory of the Williams sisters was excellent. In this age of Obama post-discrimination mythology, Streeter’s insights into the racism that the sisters have faced within the lily-white niche of professional tennis was timely. Those who point to Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters as examples that elite sports such as golf and tennis have desegregated would benefit from an education on the paltry recreation budgets of most “inner city” communities in the U.S. where park space -- much less putting greens and tennis courts -- can be virtually nonexistent.

Sikivu Hutchinson

Los Angeles

Kurt Streeter writes lovingly about the Williams sisters, who have some God-given talent but have themselves to blame for much of the scorn that surrounds them. Streeter suggests that Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson are in the heavens beaming, but that’s not true because Ashe and Gibson had class, which Serena doesn’t know how to spell and poor Venus simply goes along for the ride.


David Radden