Immigration and education

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Re “Having degree of anxiety,” July 8

Excuse me, I just got up off the floor after reading about the illegal aliens graduating from UCLA. Another feel-sorry-for-the-criminals article in The Times. I especially enjoyed reading that Loyola Marymount sets aside specific scholarships for illegal immigrants. My son had good grades and a perfect score on the SAT, but he didn’t get any academic scholarships while attending UC Irvine.

Rock Johnson

Palm Springs


Currently, the United States has a labor shortage in technology, nursing and education, to name a few fields.

Undocumented students who are graduating from college should be connected to employers who are hiring employees overseas. The employers could sponsor green cards and put these students on a path to legal residency.


These intelligent and hardworking students could then pay back society for their education by meeting America’s needs.

Lori Howe