Easy on the hips

Times Staff Writer

Laugh ALL you want, but it’s time to welcome back the fanny pack.

Givenchy and Burberry sent luxurious versions of the hip-grazing bag down their spring runways, and then there were the hip, bag-wearing masses at April’s Coachella music festival. Thankfully, today’s packs are different from the bulky butt bags of yore -- sleeker, more stylish, in endless colors and materials.

Ah, but how much to invest in an accessory that still smacks of the MC Hammer era? A disco gold bag by Yana is no bigger than a cosmetics pouch and glimmers with anaconda skin -- it’s $190. Prada’s smooth nylon version ($410) looks like a sleek utility belt and lies flat against the thigh.


American Apparel and Target have jumped on the fanny pack bandwagon too. Target’s version is particularly sharp at just $9.99: The canvas pack nods to nautical prep with tan accents, white stitching and a contrasting striped belt. It comes in Kelly green, pink and white -- Lilly Pulitzer’s classic Palm Beach combo -- and could fit in perfectly on a yacht there. As long as the price tag is kept under wraps, of course.

Fanny packs are made for summer. But to avoid looking like a tourist, let your bag hang loose from your hips and position it to one side, letting the pouch graze the outermost corner of your upper thigh.