Catherine James

It isn't everyone who can say that as a young teen they were mentored by Bob Dylan, and that's just one of the star-studded stories in Hollywood resident Catherine James' book "Dandelion: Memoir of a Free Spirit." Besides Dylan, the onetime runway waif bounced around with the likes of Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. And she's lived to tell the tale.

MY BACK PAGES I'd start off with a bit of old Hollywood -- dinner at Musso & Frank. I have personal history there too. As I say in my book, the first time I saw my father as a woman was at Musso; he was an alcoholic transsexual. But back to my weekend: I'd have a lemon-drop martini, and I love the swordfish there, with sweet potatoes and creamed spinach on the side.

DOWNTOWN On Saturday, I'd go to Olvera Street and look all around. I love the romance of it, hanging out with a date there and across the street at beautiful Union Station. And there's a great "Blade Runner"-ish restaurant/bar called Traxx. Fun place.

FEED THE SOUL On Sunday I'd go to Mass at St. Charles Catholic Church in North Hollywood. I wanted to become a nun, but it just didn't work out for me. It's a gorgeous church, and they have an amazing choir.

FEED THE FACE After that I'd have brunch at Du-Par's in Studio City, where they have amazing pancakes. I just put butter and sugar on them, no syrup. Maybe I'd have a slice of custard pie. They still have a "Leave It to Beaver" vibe there.

TREASURE HUNT In the afternoon I'd see what I could dig up at the antique stores and thrift shops on Magnolia. St. Anne's secondhand store is wonderful. I found a strand of real pearls for $5. And I like It's a Wrap in Burbank, which has clothing from studio wardrobes. That's my idea of a good time.



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