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Question: I was just wondering . . . has Andrew Bynum still been working out? If there is a remote chance of him coming back, why won't the Lakers just say that Andrew is done for the season instead of saying there is a remote chance he is coming back?

--C. Parker

Answer: If I get one more e-mail about Bynum, it won't be a pretty scene.

Question: Let's say Andrew Bynum continues not being able to make basketball movements. Then what? How long do they wait before scoping [his knee]? If they operate, what could be wrong that they'd fix? More than wanting him back, I just want to know that the Lakers understand what's going on and have 'Drew on a path toward a full recovery.

--Mike C.

Answer: (Inhaling slowly while counting to 10, inhaling slowly while counting to 10 . . . )

Best-case Lakers


Utah forward Andrei Kirilenko was four steals away from a quadruple-double in a November game against the Lakers. The Lakers hold him to a single-single this time and keep Deron Williams from doing too much damage.

Worst-case Lakers


The never-ending "Rust vs. Rest" debate is put to an end (for now) when Utah looks much more game-ready than the Lakers.

Your assistants, please

Brian Shaw, who played on three championship teams with the Lakers, needs a little more time before getting that title-winning feeling again as a Lakers assistant coach.

"It's definitely better than it's felt over the last three years, but it's still too early to say. I'll have a better feel for it after we go through this series because it's going to be definitely physical and rough and rugged."

Final thought

Utah was very impressive in winning its first two playoff games in Houston, but then got bogged down against the undermanned Rockets. Lakers in six.

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