If you took the key ingredients of, put them in a candlelit, windowless wood-and-brick room and surrounded them with willfully disheveled types who are stoked to finally purchase a tangy Belgian ale east of Virgil and north of Beaudry, you’d get recently made-over El Prado in Echo Park.

The Enabler would be fibbing if we said we didn’t enjoy Old World vintage bicycles, dewy bowls of apples and sloe-eyed bartenders in gauzy sundresses. Heck, they’re half the reason we loved our college semester in Europe (another thing white people like!). Coupled with a mandate to never play anything but vinyl on a little record player at the end of the TV-less bar, partners Jeff Ellermeyer and Mitchell Frank (Spaceland czar and de facto mayor of Silver Lake) hit all the right Impressionist high notes with this project.

Located directly across from the Echo, this once super-gritty Latino dive is sure to be a hit with the area’s exploding population of graphic designers and well-to-do rockers.

Still, the Enabler can’t help but lament Silver Lake’s inevitable seepage eastward. The owner of the Fiesta Discount store across the street just closed because his rent was pushed too high. A Skechers shoe store might replace him. Sadly, that seems about right.

1805 W. Sunset Blvd.