A wingman for the airports chief

Re "Airport chief gets a hearing," May 6

Having operated airports for about 35 years in Houston, Denver, Philadelphia, Louisville, Ky., and Wichita, Kan., I can't help but weigh in on Los Angeles' ongoing airport debate.

If the charge is that money is flowing into the personal pockets of Los Angeles airports Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey, then the investigation is warranted. But given Lindsey's impeccable past record and her recent achievements at LAX, this appears highly unlikely.

If the allegation is that she has participated in the selection of a firm that is generally recognized by my industry to be a highly competent project-managing provider, then all the more power to her.

If and when the City Council no longer holds the director responsible for the results of a multibillion-dollar capital improvement program, then it can select whomever it wants using whatever process it deems appropriate. Until then, it should let Lindsey do the job she was hired to do.

James C. DeLong

Castle Rock, Colo.

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