Bloodline | Filmmakers discover papers claiming to have evidence that Jesus had married Mary Magdalene who bore him children.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian | The second film in the fantasy series continues the saga with Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy returning to the kingdom of Narnia.

How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer | Comedy explores the lives, loves and experiences of three generations of Mexican American women.

Noise | Driven mad by the never-ending noise in Manhattan, a lawyer engages in acts of vigilantism.

Reprise | Two friends with literary aspirations endure the pangs of love, depression and burgeoning careers.

Roman de gare | A crime novelist looks for new material and an escaped serial killer may just fill the bill.

Turn the River | A pool hustler is determined to win $50,000 to wrest back her son from her alcoholic ex-husband.

Water Lilies | Three girls spend a summer at a public pool in suburban Paris.

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