Online readers tell us about their favorite movie theaters. Send your comments to theguide@ latimes.com.

I love going up to CityWalk near Universal Studios to see a movie. I usually go to the Popcornopolis store and get my unbelievable white popcorn, then watch a good comedy. That is the perfect movie experience.

-- Sandie

The ArcLight in Sherman Oaks is by far my favorite theater. Excellent service, food, seating and definitely worth the $2 extra that the tickets cost. Parking is easy with validation. The view of the freeway and bar/cafe are also pluses.

-- Victoria

Absolutely the best popcorn in town is at the ArcLight. . . . They use real butter there, and the popcorn is always fresh. The atmosphere is designed for people who want to actually see movies, as opposed to mall theaters that are jammed with people who are there because they have nothing better to do.

-- Ranger Bob

When I have the time I usually hit the family-owned Gardena Cinema on Crenshaw Boulevard. They try hard and offer an 800-seat theater at $2 less than the multiplex theaters, though it's not as comfortable, and parking is tight. During the summer . . . they have the biggest movie hits available.

-- Groucho

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