It's those awful TV shots

Many Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters concede that their candidate's presidential fortunes are fading -- but some blame everything from bad camera angles to rebellious children.

Myrna Davis, a retired construction office manager, approached TV cameramen awaiting Clinton's appearance Wednesday at a Sunrise, Fla., retirement community.

"Stop showing her backside all the time!" said Davis, 72, berating the group poised behind their tripods. "The TV cameras are always aiming at her backside every time she bends over. It's very derogatory."

Exuding frustration, she said her family was a problem too. "My children -- they're both attorneys -- I don't even want to say who they're supporting," she fumed, before rolling her eyes to confirm they were backing Barack Obama. "They're out of the will!"

-- Carol J. Williams



'Whoever the Democratic presidential nominee is, the other person is going to be standing right next to him.'

Barack Obama

on Sunday in Roseburg, Ore.

'Democrats in [Michigan and Florida] cast 2.3 million votes, and they deserve to have those votes counted. And that's why I'm going to keep making our case until we have a nominee, whoever she may be.'

Hillary Rodham Clinton

on Tuesday in Louisville, Ky.

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