Bresnahan’s take

Times Staff Writer

Staff writer Mike Bresnahan ties up some loose ends before Lakers playoff games.


Q&A; of the day

Question: Your articles have been excellent lately and I’m positive you’re selling a lot of newspapers for The Times. As a corporate recruiter, I can safely assure you that now is a good time to ask for a raise.


-- C. Reilly

Answer: Will you be my agent?

Worst-case Lakers scenario

The Timmy and Tony show gets back from hiatus. Manu Ginobili shakes off a horrible start to the series (five-for-21 shooting). The Lakers learn exactly why the Spurs are 6-0 at home in the playoffs.


Best-case Lakers scenario

Eight months ago, would anybody have ever predicted the Lakers taking a 3-0 lead on San Antonio in the conference finals? Didn’t think so. It might just happen.

View from the Spurs’ bench

Tim Duncan offered a surprisingly blunt analysis after the Spurs’ 30-point loss in Game 2.


“We’re going home and one of two things is going to happen -- either we’re going to turn it around and make this thing a series or we’re not,” he said.

Final thought

The Spurs, aging and injured, won’t let a run at a fifth NBA title practically end tonight on their home court. San Antonio by a few.