Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka has...

Times Staff Writer

Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka has been more Dicey K than Dice K lately. Yet, he continues to win baseball games, with a major league-best 8-0 record.

His secret? Well, the Red Sox do average eight runs a game in his starts, for which Matsuzaka told reporters, “I’m very grateful that I’ve been given the chance to get these wins under these circumstances,” after an 11-8 victory over Kansas City.

Matsuzaka walked six in that game, upping his major league lead to 38.

Red Sox fans just chew on it


As to what he will do to correct the problem, Matsuzaka said, “It’s not really something I prefer to discuss out in the open, but rather something I need to digest within myself.”

Well here’s some food for those thoughts: Throw strikes.

Trivia time

With Matsuzaka off to the 8-0 start, who was the first Cy Young Award winner born outside the United States?


Market research

Fish market vendors in Pittsburgh are worried about shenanigans by Detroit Red Wings fans, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“Anyone who comes in here with a Red Wings jersey, they’re allowed to buy anything in the store, just not the octopus,” Dan Wholey, owner of Wholey Fish Market, said.

So, are Red Wings fans sharp enough to take that jersey off before entering?


Bear-ly interested

On Thursday, ESPN’s “First Take” again posed the question, “If a kick returner stood on the goal line with nothing but a hungry bear on the 50, could man beat bear to the end zone or would bear eat man?”

Washington Redskins kick returner Antwaan Randle El: “I’d get to the end zone safe . . .”

Bear expert Lynn Rogers: “He’s wrong . . . “


Which proves one thing: There’s really no need for a 24-hour sports channel.

Photo mis-op

While the kick coverage skills of Yogi and Boo Boo are a hit topic at ESPN, someone around the office seemed not smarter than the average bear.

An official at WCBS noticed that ESPN’s shot of the New York skyline during breaks in last weekend’s Yankees-Mets series came from file footage.


A hint was that the Empire State Building, which was lighted up in red and green on ESPN, was actually decked out in Yankees and Mets colors.

Word is officials also became suspicious after seeing a large monkey climb the side of the building.

ESPN was left to ponder, if a large ape were on the goal line and a hungry Chris Berman at the 50 . . .

Confidence man


Rick Dutrow Jr., trainer for Big Brown, is already calling the Belmont Stakes a one-horse race.

Asked about the chances of Casino Drive, Dutrow told reporters Wednesday, “He’s got no chance of beating our horse. I’ll be in the winner’s circle when they get to the quarter pole.”

Gee, why bother to run race at all?

Oh yeah, Smarty Jones, Funny Cide, War Emblem, Charismatic, Real Quiet, Silver Charm, Sunday Silence, Alysheba, Pleasant Colony, Spectacular Bid, Canonero II, Majestic Prince, Forward Pass, Kauai King, Northern Dancer, Carry Back, Tim Tam, Pensive, Bold Venture and Burgoo King.


All won the first two legs of the Triple Crown and lost in the Belmont.

Trivia answer

Mike Cuellar (Cuba), who shared the award with Denny McLain in 1969.

And finally


Comedian Will Durst offered 20 reasons for Hillary Clinton to not concede to Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential race.

At No. 18: “You’re faster and you outweigh him. He wouldn’t last three rounds in a ring.”