Tabloid fame

SO Dina Lohan and Denise Richards believe that the best way to set the record straight is to subject their families, and the public, to the train wrecks they call their lives [“Looking for a Little Sympathy,” by Greg Braxton, May 26]. The public can change the channel. Their families can’t.

To watch them both demonstrate their insatiable need for attention and cling to celebrity with a death grip would be somewhat humorous if there were not children involved. The only fame these two have ever accomplished has been at the expense of others.

They both cry foul at the tabloids, yet both do everything possible to garner their attention.

Scott Schuele


Los Feliz

IF “reality shows” starring Denise Richards and Dina Lohan are the best that TV can come up with, TV is doomed.

And if the news media see fit to report on this drivel, they deserve the same fate.

Tom Burton


Van Nuys