Pop star crosses over to Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton's chances of winning the Democratic nomination may be fading, but she still can lay claim to having political crossover appeal.

That, at least, is one way to read the endorsement she scored this week from Puerto Rican pop star, and champion of La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin.

In 2001 Martin was in the Republican camp, headlining President Bush's inaugural ball (although Martin, a fierce war critic, more recently extended his middle finger when he mentioned Bush's name in a 2007 concert).

The Clinton campaign also apparently has a punster in its midst.

Its official news release quoted Clinton as calling Martin "a very important voice" in the Latino community.


-- Noam Levey



Primary focus

Many political experts say that a presidential candidate's performance in a state primary or caucus is a poor indicator of whether the candidate can win the state in the November general election. But a new poll backs up Hillary Rodham Clinton's argument that in the states where she has beaten Barack Obama -- including many of the nation's biggest -- she would be the stronger candidate in November.

Clinton versus presumptive GOP nominee John McCain in the 20 states where she claimed victory, including the unofficial contests in Michigan and Florida:

Clinton... 50%


Other/undecided... 7%

Obama versus McCain

in the same states



Other/undecided... 9%

Note: Results based on polling conducted May 12 through May 25 with more than 11,000 registered voters.

Source: Gallup Poll daily tracking

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