Plan to bar jets at airport during the day is voted down

Weikel is a Times staff writer.

Operators of Bob Hope Airport on Monday voted to oppose a plan to eliminate the noisiest jets at Van Nuys Airport during the day -- a proposal they say would violate federal law and shift the loudest aircraft to Bob Hope and other airports in Southern California.

The vote by the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority is the latest development in a bitter battle over attempts to bar noisy aircraft at Bob Hope and Van Nuys, a general aviation facility operated by Los Angeles World Airports.

Bob Hope Airport has spent more than eight years and $6 million to develop a nighttime curfew on the noisiest jets, while LAWA has been preparing 24-hour restrictions. Officials for both airports say the proposals would shift flights to their respective facilities.


Burbank officials say LAWA is proceeding without the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration and cannot impose the restrictions until that is obtained.

LAWA contends that the proposal is grandfathered under federal law.