How we travel

Our travels often tell us about ourselves. For instance, more and more parents with children are taking them abroad, according to a study of American overseas travel habits. The Menlo Consulting Group found that in 1997 38% of parents with children younger than 18 took them on international trips. Last year, 51% of such parents took the kids along. Still, the most common way for Americans to travel abroad is as a couple. Among the findings from the latest Menlo study:

Whom Americans travel with:

Couple only: 40%

Single with other adults: 21%

Couple with other adults: 17%

Family: 16%

Alone: 5%

Other: 1%


Travelers with children under 18 who brought them along:


Food-related activities Americans are likely to engage in:

Eat at a restaurant that caters to locals: 84%

Eat at hotel restaurants: 39%


Likelihood of travelers spending a few hours of community service on vacation:

18-42: 32%

42 and up: 22%


Source: Menlo Consulting Group Inc.


Paul Duginski Los Angeles Times