Bruin blame

I read just a portion of Kurt Streeter’s UCLA-Oregon State postgame column, chuckled, and skipped the rest as ignorant, uninformed, and irrelevant.

Rick Neuheisel, with commendable class, has said that there will be no criticism of anything that Karl Dorrell did as head coach at UCLA. I don’t work for Neuheisel and Streeter demands a reply.

Dorrell left the cupboard absolutely bare.

UCLA today has the best coaching staff in its history. I’m one of many who worshiped the ground upon which Red Sanders walked, but, aside from Tom Prothro, Red’s staffs were weak. Bill Plaschke wrote of USC’s not-up-to-its-talent offense. He wouldn’t say so, but the genius who gave USC its current reputation was sitting in the Rose Bowl press box Saturday afternoon.


Soon enough the Bruins will be getting commensurate talent into the place, Los Angeles will be a two-team town again and Streeter will still be an incompetent hack.

Paul Ascenzi



I have found a silver lining in a very trying year for UCLA football. Even in drought conditions the Rose Bowl playing field is as green as ever. I thought, “I wonder if they are using some special fertilizer this year?” I think I figured out the “special” ingredient. The UCLA offense!

Tim Curry

South Pasadena