A 43-year-old San Diego woman was sentenced in federal court Monday to 24 months in prison after confessing to being part of a bribery scheme to get contract work with the Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command.

Pamela Banks, who ran her own subcontracting firm called Advance Technical Solutions out of her house, pleaded guilty to paying an unnamed Navy employee between $75,000 and $125,000.

The bribery scheme was hatched by the Navy employee, who had approached Banks with a deal in which she could receive contract work if she kicked back 30% of her earnings, according to court documents. It was unclear what action has been taken against the Navy employee.


The investigation is continuing, and more charges against civilian employees are possible.

Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command employees and contractors work on high-tech projects to enhance the ability of U.S. air, naval, and ground forces to communicate without fear of their communications being overheard or intercepted.

-- Tony Perry