"30 Rock" is on a roll. It's won best comedy series for the past two years and has earned acting awards for stars Tina Fey (who scored for writing as well) and Alec Baldwin. And that momentum is building this year with its 22 nominations -- five of those going to the actors. The beauty of it all is they seem to be having as much fun creating the show as its audience has watching it. Here, some of the nominated cast tell us about their favorite moments on camera and off.


Favorite scene

Tina Fey (Liz Lemon): "It may still be Paul Reubens as Gerhardt Hapsburg. 'Ghaaaaak! Aghaaakagh! Oh, it feels good to laugh!' "

Jack McBrayer (Kenneth Parcell): "I always enjoy scenes where most of the cast is together. In Season 1 we had group scenes on a yacht and at a big poker party in the studio. But maybe my favorite was in Season 2, when everyone is being scolded for getting out of control at Kenneth's party. We flash back and see only brief snippets of the actual party, but both of those segments were so fun to shoot. It's great when everybody is all together at one time."

Jane Krakowski (Jenna Maroney): "When Jenna storms into Jack's office to audition for the Janis Joplin biopic. I loved every moment they wrote for me as Janis Joplin, Janie Jimplin and Jackie Jormp-Jomp."


Favorite behind-the-scenes moment

Tina Fey: "Will Arnett's filthy ad-libs to Kenneth the page or when I told Robyn Lively that one of our writers was a big fan of 'Teen Witch.' Robyn replied, 'I kind of figured as much.' It was funny that she knew at least one of the nerds on our staff would be a 'Teen Witch' perv."

Jack McBrayer: "I love hearing old show-biz stories from our guest stars. Tim Conway and Alan Alda were particularly memorable; they would [talk] about what it was like working with all these great actors.

Jane Krakowski: "It was amazing to be there with Jeff Richmond when he recorded the guest stars for Kidney Now . . . meeting and hanging with them! Although I did apologize to Michael McDonald for my 'impression' of him on the show. Jack apologized to him as well for his."

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