Reggie Wayne leads Indianapolis Colts' construction project

Who was that construction worker riding in a dump truck, then pulling up and arriving at Indianapolis Colts training camp wearing a hard hat, a neon orange vest and carrying a metal lunch bucket?

Would you believe wide receiver Reggie Wayne?

"We're under construction for the Super Bowl here, and we have the blueprints to make it happen," said Wayne while wearing a white hard hat that read, "Wayne's Construction."

"This is all about the road to the Super Bowl."

Theme costumes to kick off training camp are nothing new for Wayne. In 2007, he arrived wearing camouflage, saying the Colts were hunting for their second consecutive Super Bowl title.

"I thought it was a joke when he first told me about it," said Jason Medenwald, an Allender Trucking employee who drove the two-ton dump truck with Wayne in the passenger seat. "It's a pretty good gimmick."

Trivia time

What do former quarterback Pat Haden, former basketball player and U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley and former Golden Gloves boxer and singer Kris Kristofferson have in common?

Dude needs to mix it up

Lakers forward Ron Artest has recorded a rap tribute to Michael Jackson titled, "I Cry For Mike."

Sample lyrics: "What would you do if it wasn't for my dude, and your dude, he's our dude, he's a real type dude . . . "

I know one dude who needs to take some of that new contract money and invest in a good thesaurus.

Standing room, only $29

Looking for every imaginable way to make money in his new stadium, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come up with an idea to charge fans $29 for the privilege of entering the stadium without an assigned seat. You can walk, you can mill around, you can squeeze out some space at one of the parks designated stand-only fan areas -- you just can't sit.

"More fans can be at the stadium," Jones said, "and, although they won't all have a seat, they will definitely be a part of the action and experience on game day."

Trivia answer

All were Rhodes Scholars.

(Question and answer provided by Janet Owens of Santa Monica.)

And finally

From Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, on Florida Coach Urban Meyer's six-year, $24-million contract: "The University of Florida is an institution of higher learning; the University of Florida football program is an institution of higher earning. And Meyer is the goose who lays the golden footballs."


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