Re "Like a chief in the night," Opinion, Aug. 7

Tim Rutten writes of a pre-William J. Bratton "scandal-ridden" Los Angeles Police Department as if this were a fact. It is not true, and I have resented it each time Rutten and other reporters over the years have written this lie.

I retired from the LAPD in 1986, and when I left, it was top-notch, in my opinion. Over the years since I left, I saw nothing that indicated the department had gone downhill.

Yes, there was the Rampart scandal (which was dealt with), but that sure doesn't mean the whole department was tainted, as Rutten and other reporters would have us believe.

I served for 25 years in the LAPD with the best group of human beings I've ever known. I am proud of my service and of the LAPD.

David H. Dolson


The writer is a retired LAPD captain.

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