Maryland woman spots belongings at neighbor's yard sale

Baltimore Sun

A woman whose home was burglarized was shocked to spot her belongings offered at a neighbor's yard sale.

Police in Anne Arundel County, Md., said the woman recognized items -- including Christmas decorations, Beanie Babies, a dresser and a fur coat -- being sold by a man who was wearing one of her T-shirts. Authorities said they found $25,000 worth of her clothes, furnishings and other possessions on the property.

The woman, who had been living with her daughter while her home was in foreclosure, discovered last week that her house had been burglarized. According to court documents, she was driving to the house to inventory the missing items before calling police.

When she and her daughter spotted the familiar items at the yard sale, they told the seller that he was peddling stolen goods and called the police.

The man admitted the merchandise was hers, the charging documents said. He told police that he had bought the woman's belongings for $100 from a man who came by a few times in a pickup truck.

The woman's belongings were returned to her, and police charged David Anthony Perticone with burglary and theft.

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