Re "California, I'm dumping you," Opinion, Aug. 16

I am sorry to hear you're leaving California. I'm sorry you lost your job at the newspaper. I really am.

If more Californians read newspapers, you'd still be working here and they would be better informed.

They would be able to tell you about Proposition 13 and that without it, you would have probably lost your home a few years ago, even with a job.

They would point out that the state you used to love doesn't have problems caused by low income. They would know that California income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and business taxes along with countless fees bring in billions of dollars a year.

And they would have read the articles you may have missed about government spending. They would point out the biggest tax increase in state history does no good if people like you aren't here to spend money. They would remind you that high taxes don't help the sales of anything -- even newspapers -- especially when we're in a recession.

G. Douglas Andersen



I read this article with much dismay. Candice Reed is so right in so many ways.

I too have lived here for over 50 years. California was paradise -- without the illegal alien and traffic problems; schools were mediocre (compared with those on the East Coast) but certainly better than today; teachers were teachers, not demonstrators; and our oceans were not polluted. We expected social responsibility, including making decisions as to how many children you could afford to take care of.

We can have our cake and eat it. We just need to remind everyone that individuals must once again take responsibility for their actions and that California will not be great unless everyone contributes their best.

That is what made California great -- not high taxes and social welfare.

Good luck in Washington.

Maureen Huiskes

Pacific Palisades


Reed doesn't get it. She thinks getting rid of Proposition 13 will save us all.

Proposition 13 is helping homeowners afford a home and keeping retired people from having to give up their homes.

If Proposition 13 weren't in place, the Democrats and unions would have spent that money long ago and Candice would still be moving to Washington.

Don't forget your umbrella, and don't let the screen door smack you on the way out.

Tim Elliott



One less liberal "gimme" whiner ("gimme" this, "gimme" that, "gimme" everything as long as it's free) to listen to.

Yes, the financially unsustainable California dream is dead in its current incarnation. It's amazing that it lasted 60-plus years.

And Proposition 13 was just one speed bump that slowed down the dream's eventual demise. Imagine how much sooner we would have realized that our wallets aren't bottomless if property taxes had increased as much as sales and income taxes plus the ever-increasing number of fees.

You might want to read The Times' editorial on the constitutional convention before you go. If you don't want to be part of the solution, then it is definitely time to leave.

Lee Hennis

Hermosa Beach


Dear Candice:

Let me help you pack.

Best of luck.

Chris Baker


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