Re "Bad-parent voyeurism," Opinion, Aug 20

Child-endangering doesn't end with Nadya Suleman. What about Tylette Davis, whose boyfriend is accused of brutally killing her 6-year-old son, Dae'von? At age 28, Davis had six other children, who are not living with her.

Motherhood is a full-time job and not a fun pastime. Women like these are the social pariahs who contribute to our condition of bankruptcy in California.

Christine Peterson

Woodland Hills


Like a judge in chambers, Daum romps over reams of "bad-parent porn" before reaching her verdict on tabloid media coverage of Octomom and others.

We all come in for a tongue-lashing from the bench for our guilty voyeuristic pleasure derived from obsessing on the parental follies and dysfunction of others: "Bad-parent porn appeals to that ugliest

But in juxtaposing these two sentences, doesn't Daum paradoxically evoke the very emotion she condemns? What is smugness if not self-indulgent disdain for "ignominious ilk"?

Jim Valentine

Woodland Hills

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