Letters to the editor

Re "No papers and no way to get ahead," Aug. 23

Reading this article made me better understand why California is in the current financial mess and why newspapers are losing readers: Politicians and their helpers cannot punch their way out of a wet paper bag, and journalists forget how to think for themselves.

It is stated that Jamal King, who lives in Los Angeles and has no ID, could not appear in Sacramento to testify about a bill because "no one could figure out a way around identifications requirements at the airport."

Was it indispensable that King fly to Sacramento? Is it really possible that "no one" ever noticed that he could have been driven to Sacramento in the assemblyman's car?

Giovanni De Amici



It's a sad situation that Jamal King finds himself in. But, in my opinion, standing on the corner, painting your gang name on the sidewalk, even being in a gang, is not going to help him get out of it.

If the lady next door really wanted to help him, he could have asked her to pay him cash. What about cash jobs? He's got new Nikes -- what, $80? A new smart phone? If he can't afford to pay any child support, he really can't afford to be buying cigarettes. Or having any kids.

Nobody is going to come and give you a ride to a new life. You've actually got to work at it.

Robert Jones

Santa Maria, Calif.


Please say it's not so: The state of California must depend on a nonprofit organization to generate the funds necessary to represent poor American youths seeking to obtain documentation to enable them to become full-fledged American citizens?

Marc Jacobson

Los Angeles

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