The horror of animal abuse

Re “Putting the hurt on pet abusers,” Feb. 8

I am grateful to The Times for alerting readers to the real and horrific link between those individuals who abuse animals and other forms of community violence.

This cycle of violence is often accepted by society as “boys will be boys,” but as sociologists and others are coming to understand, those who abuse vulnerable animals are just warming up, and animal abuse is a profound indicator of future antisocial behavior.

I am glad that this is now being taken seriously by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles City Council.


Elaine Livesey-Fassel

West Los Angeles


I would like to correct a statement in your article about animal abusers.


The thing that kicked and beat the puppy is something, but a man he is not. I would categorize it as a subhuman, lower than slug slime species.

Jean Bennett

Sun City