Checking up on healthcare

Re “Costly safety nets for insured,” Feb. 18

I opened my bill from Anthem Blue Cross the other day to see it was $90 less than usual. I couldn’t believe it. I called and was on hold for half an hour to verify that it was correct.

Then your article explained the situation. Health insurers had been overcharging. State regulators ignored the situation, then The Times investigated -- and now my health insurance premium and those of thousands of others have actually been reduced.

This is why we need newspapers.


Carole Real

Los Angeles


Re “Who gets aid, who doesn’t,” Feb. 17


Just a few questions for all of our elected officials, both state and federal: Are you covered by health insurance in your current position? When you leave your current position, will you automatically lose your health insurance? When you retire, will you be covered by your health insurance for the remainder of your life?

Were you rejected for coverage because of a preexisting condition and, if so, did you have to scramble for private coverage? And are you in a financial position to pay for private coverage should you need to obtain it?

I believe you know the answers to all of the above questions, and I hope you know how shamefully you have betrayed and abandoned your constituents by leaving out healthcare for so many from the economic stimulus bill while you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

You are rich, you are entitled, you are taken care of, and thanks for nothing.


Hollis Jordan

Toluca Lake