For Simpson, love is just heaven scent

Here’s the latest sign that Jessica Simpson still has her mind on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

She unveiled a new fragrance called “Fancy Love,” which was inspired by her past love. Vince Camuto, chief executive of Camuto Group, which holds the license for Simpson’s brands, told People: “Jessica loves the feeling of being in love. She’s a romantic girl.”

Apparently, names such as “Yoko Romo” and “Botched Snap” didn’t make the cut.

Trivia time


When was television instant replay introduced to college football?

Slimming down

The Washington Redskins discovered the quickest way to drop pounds isn’t through just strict dieting and weight training.

Their offensive line lost a combined 43 pounds by following a training program that included the players swinging sledgehammers, flipping giant tires and pushing the trainer’s sport-utility vehicle.


“It was like you’re working out in a sauna,” Redskins’ left guard Derrick Dockery told the Washington Post. “It’s probably the best situation you could put yourself in.”

Making sense of Favre

Even though Brett Favre has decided to pass on returning again to the NFL, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reminds us no Favre decision is ever definitive.

“There’s no sense in asking the question about whether this is it for Favre,” wrote King. “He said he was finished 17 months ago in Green Bay, and he insisted he was finished five months ago after leaving the Jets. Even he knows his gut feeling can’t be trusted right now.”


Dress to impress

Anderson Varejao recently signed a six-year, $50-million contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he apparently doesn’t follow the philosophy of dressing for success.

Varejao was kicked out of a trendy, hip-hop nightclub Monday in Miami’s South Beach for wearing a T-shirt, the Miami Herald reported.

Trivia answer


College football first used instant replay on Dec. 7, 1963, for the Army-Navy game.

And finally

Don’t count J.A. Adande of as a fan of Stephon Marbury’s recent webcast. Writes Adande: “The more I watch Stephon Marbury’s streaming Internet meltdown, the more I’m relieved that LeBron James tried to snatch up the video evidence of his getting dunked on at a summer basketball camp . . . a player who’s obsessed with his image is a much healthier sign than someone who has descended into the Land of Don’t Care.”