Coaches take pay cuts

With the state -- and their university -- struggling through difficult economic times, UCLA football Coach Rick Neuheisel and basketball Coach Ben Howland have agreed to take pay cuts, a school official said.

Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, who has also agreed to a cut, said the details are still being negotiated but expects that he and the coaches will forgo as much as 10% of their salaries this year.

The three men volunteered to take cuts that were mandated for other state employees even though, because they have multi-year contracts, they were not subject to a reduction.

Neuheisel was hired in December 2007 for $1.25 million a season and incentives that could add $500,000 a year. Howland received salary and incentives last year totaling $2.17 million.


Guerrero recently had his base salary raised to $465,000. Needing to slash his annual budget, the athletic director said he was looking for additional areas to save.

“We haven’t yet approached other coaches,” he said. “But we will.”

-- David Wharton