The president and his date

Re “First Couple’s date has Americans engaged,” June 6, and “A bad date?” June 11

What I believe is missing in all this hoopla about the cost of the Obamas’ “date night” is what the costs would be for a typical night in. Do folks really think that staying home costs us nothing?

Secret Service, security details, surveillance cameras, along with White House staff, including kitchen and service folks, surely cost a pretty penny as well.

Remember when President George H.W. Bush visited a grocery store and was reportedly wowed by the electronic scanner and prices?

Let’s not cloister our presidents. They may not live like us, but please allow them to walk among us.


Lissa Banks



We have to pay the $81,000 because we have to keep our president safe and secure. That is our responsibility as Americans, and our share.

I am happy to see a young couple having a happy time with each other and their children.

Maybe more men and women will learn to do so while they are still young.

Jean Solomon

Los Angeles


Really, people, where were all of you during the Bush administration? How much do you think it cost us taxpayers every time President Bush flew off to Crawford, Texas, for “vacation”? Did he reimburse the taxpayers?

Rochelle Briggs

Porter Ranch


I have not seen a breakdown, but I assume that the cost includes many standard items that could be associated with other presidential trips that may or may not be necessary depending on one’s perspective. For example, dual-purpose presidential trips that include political fundraising, or (countless) trips to a second residence?

Ron Kawczynski