Today’s choices

It’s time to vote for Los Angeles mayor, controller, city attorney and half the city council, school board and community college trustees. Make it last; there won’t be another election in Los Angeles until the March 24 race for the state Senate’s 26th District. And the May 19 city runoff and state special election on seven budget ballot measures.

Our recommendations:

Mayor: Antonio Villaraigosa. He should complete the job he started. None of the nine challengers presents a compelling case for changing direction.

City Attorney: Carmen Trutanich. He’ll be an independent city attorney focused on serving the people of Los Angeles.


Controller: Wendy Greuel. She is the best candidate to be the city’s fiscal and performance watchdog.

City Council, 5th District: Ron Galperin. The attorney-businessman would help protect the district’s quality of life while moving Los Angeles forward.

Measure A: Yes. Authorizing an “independent assessor” to report to the Board of Fire Commissioners will help fix the Fire Department’s personnel problems.

Measure B: No. Solar power is good for the city but has nothing to do with amending the City Charter or locking out the private sector. This attempt to short-circuit the legislative process should not be permitted.


Measure C: Yes. The change to the city’s police and fire pension program would be minor.

Measure D: Yes. The change to the city’s police and fire pension program would be minor.

Measure E: No. Encouraging business to come to Los Angeles does not require granting vast new powers to the City Council.

Los Angeles Unified School District Board, District 4: Mike Stryer. The district administration needs his business acumen, and students need his focus on the classroom.

LAUSD Board, District 6: Nury Martinez. Her good track record on the San Fernando City Council and eye on student safety and parental involvement make her the best choice.

Los Angeles Community College District Board, Seat 2: Angela J. Reddock. Reddock has served admirably as an appointed trustee and should be granted a full term.

LACCD Board, Seat 4: Kelly Candaele. He is smart and dedicated, and has been one of the college board’s best trustees.

LACCD Board, Seat 6: Jozef Essavi. In his second run for the job, Essavi has shown he is ready to serve. He’s more focused than the incumbent on student success.


LACCD Board, Seat 7: Kurt S. Lowry. The school administrator and former teacher has the right priority: student achievement.


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