In their own backyards

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Re “The financial gurus next door,” Postcards from the recession, Opinion, March 9

Far too often, the media highlight the very best or the very worst neighborhoods. Although those articles stir envy or compassion, they don’t relate to the reality of my situation.

As a homeowner in a working-class area, it was surprisingly refreshing to read about South L.A. through a homeowner’s eyes. Providing readers a reflection of the issues affecting most Californians, along with a positive focus on South L.A., indicates that you are diligent in promoting a balanced view of perspectives and insights.

Lisa Pitt



Re “For artists, the picture’s bleak,” Postcards from the recession, Opinion, March 10

Thanks for the artist’s perspective on our economic times. I’m in the 99.99% of artists who don’t earn a living through our artwork. I feel both blessed and cursed to be a “cultural creative” in a society based entirely on commercial success.


Like many others, I’ve spent most of my life working in fields outside my creative passions in order to survive and not burden others.

In my off-hours, I’ve managed to record albums -- I was a founding member of the bands Iron Curtain and Cosmic Love Child -- and produce visual art. But just think of the many masterpieces that might have been produced by artists had there been ongoing support for the arts.

I hope President Obama is listening to artists as well as bankers, auto manufacturers and politicians.

Steve Fields

Santa Barbara