Digging into nuclear waste

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Re “Nuclear waste lacks final resting place,” March 11

What’s up with the fascination about putting all the spent fuel rods from all the country’s nuclear power plants in one place, such as Yucca Mountain? They are currently safely encased at their former power plants and elsewhere. In the last half a century, there have been no notable injuries to anybody from these spent rods.

Lock up Yucca Mountain and throw away the key. We could use the savings of millions of tax dollars.

Carl Olson

Woodland Hills


Yes, America needs a new plan for nuclear waste: Don’t create it.

A few thousand tons of radioactive waste has accumulated at 104 sites in 35 states, with a yearly increase of 2,000 tons -- all waiting for somewhere to spend a few thousand years.


Despite fears of terrorism and groundwater contamination, industry officials insist that present temporary methods of above-ground storage are safe.

As we search for a permanent solution to the backlog of nuclear waste, existing sites should be closed, no more built, and all possible funds allotted to research and development of clean, safe energy.

Yes, nuclear power is “clean” -- until it isn’t. And then it’s too late.

Bette Balliet

Mission Viejo