Rush Limbaugh gets sacked

Re “Played by the NFL,” Editorial, Oct. 14

Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from a group seeking to buy a National Football League team.

I am sure that his removal has to do with him being such a controversial individual.

In a perfect world, I would feel extremely sorry for Limbaugh because I would feel he was not treated fairly. In America, if individuals have the proper skills and qualifications, I believe they should be allowed to make an honest living doing whatever their hearts desire.

However, Limbaugh is a victim of the world he works daily to create. A world that is cold and harsh. Equality and fairness for all people are not a major concern to him. He is an ardent believer in unconditional self-responsibility -- the idea that most people are responsible for their problems and shortcomings.

So I believe that Limbaugh, unfortunately, is sleeping in a bed he created.


Bill Stamps



I don’t know why there is all the fuss about Limbaugh trying to buy into an NFL team.

The NFL just implemented its policy about a game not selling out. Rush was “blacked out.”

Ray Block



Any truth to the rumor that Rush is considering filing a discrimination suit against the NFL on the grounds that it is biased against bigots?

Larry Danielson

Seal Beach


The St. Louis Rams should have considered just changing “Rush Limbaugh” from a name to an imperative sentence.

Heck, I’d bet millions of fans would pay to see the shock jock on a third-and-one off-tackle slant.

John Conroy

Los Angeles