Reviews by Sharon Mizota(S.M.). and Leah Ollman (L.O.). Compiled by Grace Krilanovich.


Alexis Mackenzie: Dreaming is Easy Mackenzie spells out a word or phrase in letters consisting of carefully clipped images from old illustrated botanical or anatomical texts. The roots of her work stretch back to manuscript illumination of the middle ages. Filter that reverential practice through a vaguely Romantic poetic sensibility, and you’ll end up with Mackenzie’s word collages -- lovely, unsettling things made with impeccable finesse (L.O.). POVevolving Gallery, 939 Chung King Road, L.A.; ends Thu. (310) 594-3036.

Eamon O’Kane: E-1027 + Le Cabanon O’Kane disrupts modernism’s utopian veneer in a series of hand-drawn reproductions of classic buildings and furniture by architects Le Corbusier and Eileen Gray. The images’ handmade quality renders modernism’s legacy surprisingly vulnerable rather than authoritative (S.M.). See Line Gallery, 1812 Berkeley St., Santa Monica. Wed.-Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; ends Thu. (310) 829-1727.