Fast Track: Production’s up, spending’s down and Sandra Bullock has Jesse James’ kids

A roundup of this morning’s arts and entertainment headlines:

Report claims Jesse James’ kids are staying with Sandra Bullock. (TMZ) uses the Filter to figure out users’ tastes. ( Los Angeles Times)

Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren has died. (Los Angeles Times)

Is Lindsay Lohan the next person to undergo Quentin Tarantino Career Rehab? (Daily Express)

The “Lost” finale pre-show gets expanded to two hours -- giving us five hours of “Lost” farewells on May 23. (The Wrap)

Maura Tierney will return to TV in “Rescue Me” after leaving to battle breast cancer. (Playbill)

The L.A. Film Fest is coming downtown. (Los Angeles Times)

L.A. production is up 18% (Variety) ... while studio ad spending is down 8%. ( Hollywood Reporter)

Tiger Wood’s dad, Earl, wasn’t talking about his golfer son in that creepy Nike ad. (Los Angeles Times)

Spielberg is developing an animated series predicting life in the future for the Discovery Channel. ( ABC News)

David Cross puts a nail in the " Arrested Development” movie’s coffin. (TV Squad)

Hollywood really isn’t big enough: Jennifer Love Hewitt is now dating Jenny McCarthy’s ex-husband. (People)

Ridley and Tony Scott would like to run MGM. (Deadline Hollywood, Financial Times (subscription required))

New " Sex and the City 2" trailer reveals the plot. (EW)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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