Vin Scully will announce future plans Sunday

Vin Scully, in the homes of fans here since 1958, said he will announce Sunday his future plans as they relate to the Dodgers.

He offered no hints on what they might be before sitting behind the microphone for Saturday night’s game.

“I know what I am going to do and I would imagine the Dodgers will arrange things so an announcement can be made before [Sunday’s] game,” said Scully, who will be 83 before the start of next season. “I’d like to do that so everyone hears it at the same time. It’s the proper way to do it.”

The Dodgers declined comment, “out of respect for Vin.”

Up in Vin Scully Press Box, he walked the halls singing before being stopped every few feet by folks who just wanted to hear him speak.

As if it was the highlight of the night, he greeted each one of them with enthusiasm.

A little earlier he had joined Joe Torre in the manager’s office, but Torre said later Scully mentioned nothing about his plans.

There has been talk in recent years that Scully might be convinced to remain on the job longer if he did only home games, any Scully better than no Scully.

Last season he hinted he might retire after the 2010 campaign, but he also let it be known he wanted no part of a farewell tour. And if he did decide to retire, he said, he probably would wait until the season was over before appearing at a news conference to say so.

Over the years he has talked about the loneliness of the road and life in a hotel room, cutting back travel on road games beyond Colorado.

When someone mentioned to him that his wife has been away for the past month, Scully said with more than a hint of regret, “It’s no fun to be in a house alone. I think of all those times where I have left my wife alone.”

But just as quickly he was full of enthusiasm again as he spoke about the five grandchildren under foot Saturday before it was time to go the ball park.

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