Weekend Box-Office Results

Estimated sales in the U.S. and Canada:
Movie (studio)3-day gross (millions)Percentage change from last weekendTotal (millions)Days in release
1Avatar (Fox/Dune/Ingenious)$48.5-29%$429.024
2Sherlock Holmes (Warner Bros./Village Roadshow)$16.6-55%$165.217
3Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Fox/New Regency)$16.3-54%$178.219
4Daybreakers (Lionsgate)$15.0NA$15.03
5It’s Complicated (Universal/Relativity)$11.0-41%$76.417
6Leap Year (Universal/Relativity)$9.2NA$9.23
7The Blind Side (Warner Bros./Alcon)$7.8-35%$219.252
8Up in the Air (Paramount/Montecito)$7.1-34%$54.738
9Youth in Revolt (Weinstein Co.)$7.0NA$7.03
10The Princess and the Frog (Disney)$4.7-52%$92.647

Industry totals

3-day gross Change Year-to-date grossChange
(in millions)from 2009 (in billions)from 2009
Sources: Times research and Box Office

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