Jamie McCourt’s filing mentions estranged husband’s ‘extramarital activities’


In making her case for temporary spousal support, Jamie McCourt fired back at her estranged husband in court papers filed Monday, making a reference to Frank McCourt’s “extramarital activities.”

“Frank [and his lawyers] ... make some hurtful and unnecessary personal comments about me,” she wrote. “I would prefer not to address such accusations or to discuss my belief as to Frank’s extramarital activities.”

Dennis Wasser, an attorney for Jamie McCourt, declined to elaborate. Marc Seltzer, an attorney for Frank McCourt, said, “Her innuendo is absolutely false.”

Monday’s filing, submitted in advance of next week’s court hearing on temporary spousal support, comes five months after Frank McCourt said he fired Jamie as the Dodgers’ chief executive largely because of her alleged affair with her driver.

Jamie McCourt has argued for nearly $1 million per month plus $9 million in fees for attorneys and accountants handling the divorce case. Frank McCourt has argued that she can support herself and pay her bills pending trial without contribution from him.

In Monday’s filing, Jamie McCourt’s lawyers took exception to Frank McCourt’s claim that his annual income is limited by bank restrictions to $5 million, arguing that he could access at least $18.4 million this year.

Her lawyers further argue that, by asking the court to deny any temporary support, Frank McCourt hopes to pin her in a financial position so precarious that she would “cave into his demands and relinquish any claim to the overwhelming bulk of the marital estate, including the Dodgers.”

Jamie McCourt hopes to persuade the court to invalidate a marital property agreement that provided her with sole ownership of the couple’s residential properties and provided him with sole ownership of the team.

Seltzer, the attorney for Frank McCourt, called the latest filing “a continuation of her campaign to obtain very large sums of money and assets to which she is not entitled.”

Her lawyers reiterated that she is entitled to maintain her pre-separation lifestyle pending the outcome of the divorce proceedings, noting that the couple customarily stayed in five-star hotels, ordered bottles of wine costing $100 or more at restaurants and regularly used limousines and private jets. The McCourts also “had their hair done by a hair stylist, who came on an almost daily basis to whichever residence they were then staying.”

The most recent filings also shed some light on the final months of a marriage that lasted almost 30 years. Frank McCourt’s last filing included a copy of e-mails between Jamie McCourt and Jeff Fuller, the driver with whom she allegedly had an affair, in which Fuller wrote, “He heard us talking” and she replied, “Don’t think so.”

The e-mails, dated April 16, 2009, were not addressed in Jamie McCourt’s court declaration on Monday. She did say that the couple “started to have increasing marital problems” in early 2009. On a trip to New York in April 2009, she said that Frank McCourt became enraged after overhearing her discussing what she called “personal things” with her assistant.

“He shouted, ‘The marriage is over’ and ‘we’re done,’ ” she wrote.

She also wrote that she saw a marriage counselor on her own — and, in early July, with her husband. The couple separated soon thereafter and filed for divorce in October.